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Foundation Repair Concrete and Block
Hydrostatic Pressure

Most foundation repair problems are due to hydrostatic pressure. Rainwater seeps into the soil and builds up pressure against your foundation walls and concrete floor. This "hydrostatic pressure" can exert tons of force causing basement flooding. Most foundation repair can be done with minor disruption to your home and landscape.

Cracked and Buckled Walls

Hydrostatic pressure can press against your foundation walls causing, even buckling of the walls and flooding. Heavy, wet soil continually presses against your foundation walls and concrete floor. Saturated soil around your home in winter months can dramatically accelerate frost damage to your foundation.

Basement Floor Cracks

When water builds up in the soil around your home it creates pressure underneath your foundation floor. This pressure can exert enough force to cause your concrete floor cracks and flooding.

Termites and Carpenter Ants

Many insects including termites and carpenter ants have a huge attraction to a wet basement. Leading pest control companies won't even guarantee their work until the leakage is repaired. Once insects find a comfortable home in your basement, they will likely infest other parts of your home.

B-Dry NEPA are experts in foundation repair

Electrical Hazards

Water flooding can be dangerous. Water is a conductor of electricity. Moist, saturated carpeting or flooring combined with damp electrical circuits can be a dangerous formula. Moisture can also increase the risk of electrical arcing. Shock, electrocution and fire hazard can all result from a wet foundation.

Re-Sale Value of Home Diminished

A wet cellar can dramatically reduce the value of your home. Studies show that most people won't even consider buying a home with water leakage. Selling a home with water leaks can easily result in as much as a 25% reduction in the sale price.

Foundation Repair Company

The B-Dry System is warranted for wet basement leakage and flooding.

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