Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling Ideas and Foundation Repair Issues

Your basement remodel project should begin with a thorough evaluation of the foundation. Any foundation repair issues should be thoroughly addressed before you begin.

What To Look For:
Check around the base of all foundation walls for signs of water leakage. Use a flashlight to check for water stains on the masonry floor and walls, efflorescence (a white chalky residue), water stains on wood or wood rot. You should also check the top of your basement walls for signs of water coming down the wall. Water leaking down could be the sign of poor outside grading, rain gutters in disrepair or window well leaks.

Rusty Metal and Appliances:
People often complain of rusty support poles rusty bases on appliances or that tools left in the basement get rusty. While actual water leakage will contribute to all these conditions, it is more likely that the majority of these type problems is caused by a high humidity problem.

Time For A Professional?:
An experienced basement waterproofing contractor can help you determine if you need any foundation repair before you start your basement remodeling project. Water leakage is a related but totally different issue than high humidity problems. It is important to thoroughly address both before you begin your basement remodel.

B-Dry Basement Waterproofing
System with Rigid Sealer

Remodeling Basement Projects

Many of our customers have remodeled their basements after installing the B-Dry System. The B-Dry System guards your foundation from water leakage that can ruin all your hard work. Our system includes sub-floor drainage and an impermeable wall sealer.

B-Dry System of Northeastern PA will also provide you with recommendations for humidity control, an important aspect of basement remodelling that is often overlooked

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